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Developing a sustainable competitive advantage through powerful customer experiences requires strong synergies within your organization. See how we can help.

Let bStrategic help you develop the strong teams and processes needed to set your organization apart.  Alain brings extensive management experience with Fortune 500 companies and can also access a network of highly qualified individuals who share his passion for customer service.

    Healthcare Supply Chain

    Delivering solutions that support patient safety, improve service levels and reduce cost is a challenge that providers and suppliers face every day.
Alain has over 8 years of experience developing and implementing innovative solutions for consigned, loaned and regular inventory to optimize one of the most critical and challenging supply chains.


    > Define and evaluate relevant supply chain requirements in  proposals (RFP)

    > Build and implement a solid e-commerce strategy

    > Develop appropriate scorecard to build strong partnership with customers or suppliers

    Contact Centres

    Your contact centre plays a pivotal role in defining and supporting the brand of your organization. It is critical to have a high performing team in this function to deliver on your objectives.
Alain has set up and managed call centres in three different industries with world renowned organizations and understands the strong connections required between your various functions in order for your contact centre to shine.  He also has solid experience developing contingency plans for contact centres.


    > Optimize customer facing touch points

    > Review and improve organizational flow

    > Management and supervisor coaching

    Human Capital Analytics

    Providing a powerful customer experience requires having the right people, in the right job, performing to the best of their ability.  The only way to utilize your team’s potential to its fullest is to leverage science based analytical tools to help you make the best decisions.
Alain has years of experience managing people and leveraging the power of human analytics to build strong high performing teams.  He is now a proud Ambasador of the PI Worldwide suite of human capital analytics tools.  He is also a certified Predictive Index® analyst able to help your organizations.


    > Elevate your team’s cohesion and balance

    > Calibrate leaders’ performance coaching

> Monitor employee job satisfaction

    Training, Facilitating & Presenting


    When identified as a relevant solution to your organization’s objectives, Alain will design and deliver a customized training solution to support your goals, using a proven methodology which includes a thorough needs assessment.


    Alain’s strong business acumen and awareness will help set the stage to bring focus and energy to your process. Defining a team’s working agreement will bring a foundation to the cooperative process which will lead to a clear action plan.


    A charismatic communicator, Alain will deliver  a compelling presentation with insight and humour on the power of the customer experience.

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